Quotes from participants in Instructional Rounds facilitated by Dr. Fowler-Finn: 
“I thought I knew what I was looking at - but the
focus was not on student learning e.g. what 
they were actually doing.  I was focused on the
'general class' atmosphere, behaviors, and 
teacher delivery (in a superficial way). Now it is
 “fine grained” and focused on what I actually 
see the students doing/teacher doing and 
saying.  Amazing!!!”
“I think I now know what to look for…”
“The program has given me a stronger 
foundation to dig deeper into teacher practice 
and student learning.  I’m not looking 
superficially at what is occurring on a surface 
level. Students sometimes look engaged 
but not much learning going on.”
“My realization is that real accountability is 
in the tasks students are asked to do…  
Rigor of instruction is the real accountability”
My Ability to Observe Learning Has Changed: 
“I’m more focused on what children are learning and why. I know now how to dig deeper than surface activity or apparent engagement.”
“If it’s not observable, it’s not occurring.”
“I have no idea what I was actually looking at before Instructional Rounds, but I thought I did (observe learning)… Obviously not.  My ability to 'see' beyond my 'fogged pre-rounds glasses' is now  exponential. I behave differently in classrooms in my interactions with students – e.g. questioning about their learning & understanding of the task; documenting actual classroom evidence; not making a judgment."
"Can I travel back in time and make it up to all the students I 'short challenged' when I was in the classroom?”
My Relationship With My Colleagues in Regards to Instruction/Learning Has Changed: 
“The conversations have been 
challenging in a positive way. There is 
a trust and growing confidence in the 
journey. The common goal is that we 
all want to achieve and improve student 
“I have built much stronger relationships,
especially with the common focus -
and built respect for many colleagues I 
didn’t know in this respect.”
“We have developed a stronger sense 
of team based upon learning together, 
sharing expertise, and knowledge.  
It has permitted time to visit schools
of our colleagues and appreciate their 
context, their job, and their role.”
“I think we are more focused on what 
is at the core of our jobs and why we 
became teachers way back when – to
help children learn.”
  Feedback on the Quality of the Facilitation - Quotes From Participants: 
“Enjoyable; challenging; Tom comes across as a 'real' 
person, not a typical ‘academic’!”
“It was interesting and changeable. I enjoyed the 
participation and interaction as a whole group with 
Tom and within our mixed table group.”
“I enjoyed working with my table colleagues to discover 
the gaps in my knowledge and begin building my 
knowledge and skills.” 
“It was an exciting new experience enlightening me 
on many new ideas and ways of thinking.”
“Overall, very insightful. Fantastic presenter who made
me think about not only my staff’s teaching but my own!”
“Tom structured the program so that it was fast moving 
and allowed for different learning styles.”
“Good blend of theory and group discussions.”
“Kept the program moving, encouraged input…Tom 
spoke gently and warmly – not hype.”
“Tom was always prepared to invite comment from the 
participants to challenge everyone’s thinking.”

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