In April of 2008, a study group of principals and regional staff from 150 schools within the Gippsland Region of Victoria, Australia visited Connecticut and Massachusetts with the aim of understanding the application of Instructional Rounds in school districts undertaking the practice.  The group visited schools, conducted classroom observations, and spoke with principals, leadership teams and superintendents to learn about the application and outcomes of Instructional Rounds and in particular, to learn about the change in culture one could expect from such experiences. 

A recommendation was made that the Gippsland Region establish Instructional Rounds based on the Cambridge Public Schools model.  It was also very evident to the visitors that skilled facilitation of Instructional Rounds is key to the success of the work, and the Gippsland Region was adamant that the integrity of the process be established and maintained.  

They therefore invited Dr. Thomas Fowler–Finn, the superintendent at that time of the Cambridge Public Schools, to implement Instructional Rounds in the Gippsland Region schools. Results were consistently productive and expanded over the years to additional clients in Australia including the equally large Western Metropolitan Region schools, the Bastow Institute (for training of facilitators), and The Centre for Strategic Education.  

Tom's current instructional rounds work is predominantly with urban and suburban schools and school districts across the United States and Canada.

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Lesson Observations in Australia
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