Instructional Rounds Survey for District and Network-Level Leaders-Revised -
developed by Thomas Fowler-Finn, Instructional Rounds Plus; Susan Frankel, RMC Research; and Adam Tanney, RMC Research 

These surveys are designed to capture school, district, and network-level leaders’ (e.g., superintendents, central office, regional directors, regional network leaders, union leaders, principals, teachers, and coaches) reflections on changes in their beliefs, knowledge, and skills as a result of participating in the Instructional Rounds process.

The surveys, available below for your use, are usually administered to participants at the conclusion of a minimum of three or four rounds sessions.  Network member responses provide data from which to assess the impact of participation in rounds.  The results are helpful to facilitators to assess network progress and obtain feedback useful to adjust facilitation approaches. 

Should you wish to pursue additional professional, third-party support with evaluation of rounds work, you can contact:

Adam Tanney, 
RMC Research Corporation, 
1000 Market Street, 
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(800) 258-0802      
[email protected]  

CASE STUDY - Developed by Thomas Fowler-Finn

A case study of a rounds visit conducted in a K - 8 school is provided for use as a brief introduction to instructional rounds.  Participants experience several stages of the rounds process as they are challenged to use one school's problem of practice and observation data collected by a network of principals and central office personnel to debrief and develop the next level of work for the school.  The case study can be conducted in 60 to 90 minutes.  A set of instructions and accompanying leading questions are included for each stage of this four part exercise.  Should you wish additional assistance with the case study, you may contact Thomas Fowler-Finn.  This exercise is copywritten but available for use in your own school setting provided it is properly attributed to the originator.  Commercial use of the case study is not permitted.

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Fowler-Finn Research Surveys & Case Study Exercise
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